Protecting Your Land

Cairnia employs Protection Stones for plot claiming / protection. Once you've found a spot to build, you'll need to claim it so that others cannot build on that plot. To do this, you must place one of three stones:

Coal Ore (11 x 11 x 11)

Lapis Lazuli Ore (21 x 21 x 21)

Diamond Ore (41 x 41 x 41)

These stones can be obtained by using a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment or by purchasing the stone from a player / market.

Placing one of these blocks creates a region of the specified size around it that only you can build in. If you'd like to add a member to be able to build along with you, type "/ps add PlayerName" Replacing PlayerName with the name of the player. You can also perform the inverse and remove a player by replacing "/ps add" with "/ps remove". To remove your region, simply break the block.